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your business, your value,
and your impact.

Is your strategy and operational capability aligned to attain the growth you desire?

Have you reached a plateau, and want to recharge your business to grow?

Are you seeking how to turn your idea into a compelling business?

Ann Marie is an exceptional mentor whose expertise in business and leadership coaching is unparalleled. Her ability to ask pointed questions greatly aided us to pinpointing the needed resources and shaped our business focus.  Her seamless ability to provide guidance on building reasonable financial models and aligning them with growth strategies was a necessary fix for our business.  Overall, her mentorship is indispensable for anyone seeking comprehensive and effective guidance in their entrepreneurial journey, regardless of the stage they are in. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a mentor to anyone seeking guidance and growth."

Lilian Julius, Co-Founder & CEO, Afrishop Global Limited

Strengthen and Center the CoreSynergy™ of Your Business

From athletes to everyday life, we all know that having a strong body core is critical to thrive. The same is the case for business. Whether you're on a startup journey, or a business looking to expand, or sense that something is off and its time to reinvigorate growth, the place to start is by focusing on  what makes up your company core. 

Bricolagrow created the CoreSynergy™ model and assessment, which focuses on the central foundational aspects of a business (the "core"), and how they must be tuned and developed like muscles to work together harmoniously for greater impact and success. We help 
businesses to optimize their core elements of leadership, strategy, team, and operations -- plus tune the combined interaction to unleash greater focus and momentum.  

Utilizing this model and methodology, we work with your leadership team via an assessment to identify strengths and gaps, simplify and focus on the highest potential areas, and generate actionable recommendations and playbooks.  We provide coaching to go deeper with targeted guidance to build the capability muscle and balance to forge a strong and integrated core for your business or product group.


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Establishing purpose and vision, building culture, navigating people/team and business dynamics, setting direction and making decisions, compelling storytelling and communication, leadership models and practices, situational leadership coaching


Developing business plans, product-market-fit, market analysis, strategic decisions and key moves, positioning and GTM strategy, business models, milestone based roadmaps, validating assumptions, coaching on pitch decks & path to funding 


Optimizing performance around  team strengths and blind spots, culture and team trust alignment, problem solving, engagement and work style models, organizational design and capability building,  collaboration & communication


Goal clarity & OKR prioritization, implement and operationalize strategy, effective resource management, define & align metrics, lifecycle and stage-gate planning, strategic financial modeling, right size business processes to stage of growth 

Grow & Scale Your Company To The Next Level

Building from a solid "company core", and applying our growth engine approach can help reimagine and transform into your next possibility!

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Our growth philosophy is anchored on five principles, that when aligned holistically can become a powerful engine to go beyond what you imagine possible. 

1)   build and maintaining strategic clarity

2)   tune for continual alignment within and across teams and partners

3)   be willing to take bold steps, and tip some paradigms over along the way

4)   take consequential actions that realize results in line with strategy and goals

5)   recognize that everything happens through cycles-of-learning, and each step you take is an opportunity to learn and adjust course to navigate and refine strategic clarity


Holistic focus on five anchor principles that ignite and equip teams to go beyond what they envision possible.

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Pic Team and Partner Alignment 2
pic Paradigm Tipping 2
Pic Results Realization
Pic Cycles of Learning 3 6-10-21


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3 or 6  Coaching Sessions - 60 min each

  • A focused area or objective

  • To discover, frame, tune, or align


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Team Assessment & Composite Profile 

  • Bricolagrow's unique CoreSynergy™ model and assessment 

  • Uncover your company specific CoreSynergy™ Signature, strengths & gaps, recommendations, priority focus





3 Months Coaching  - Individual or Team

  • Includes CoreSynergy™ Assessment

  • Weekly Coaching going deep to strengthen, align, or boost focus areas




Interactive Workshop - Full or Half Day

  • Define and synchronize vision, mission, culture and values

  • Anchor & align your business and team





Customized Coaching Package

  • elevate performance to the next level

  • expand across company or teams





3 Iterative Workshop Sessions

  • Develop growth strategy, key moves, milestones, and validation

  • Cycles to mplement, learn, adjust, align


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