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Coaching helped to better communicate the company’s purpose and how our technical or commercial roadmap ties into the problem we are solving for our customers. All of a sudden, there was a queue of investors wanting to come on board!

COO & Co-Founder, Polar Light Technologies

Business Coaching & Consulting 

Working with businesses and entrepreneurs to ignite and position for growth by transposing, recombining, and reimagining problems and opportunities.

bricolage: the skill of creating something novel by recombining and applying a diverse range of available resources to new problems and opportunities


grow: to increase in value or to become larger, more developed, better or improved in some way

Do you have your sights set on growth, yet find it difficult getting there?

We can provide expertise to guide, challenge, and collaborate with you

getting to the root of roadblocks
asking pivotal questions & facing tough decisions
uncovering new opportunities
crystalizing strategy for new value creation
building sustainable differentiation
strategic PnL modeling & investment readiness
operational capability for
scaling your business


Grow Beyond
What You
Imagine Possible

Working with Ann Marie has allowed me to transform from a worker bee into a true leader. She is deeply embedded in Silicon Valley, and has led large and small organizations through technology booms and busts. Her experiences from the trenches are valuable, and even more valuable is the way she is able to provide business guidance. She has a way of asking just the right questions to guide your thinking so that it can be put into action, yielding results that matter to you. She can then help you communicate the core vision to literally anyone. With Ann Marie in my corner I know I can grow and succeed as a businesswoman in AI."

Dr. Ellen Campana, Founder & CEO, Just the AI

Blue Surface

Do you have a unique challenge needing a customized approach?
Do you need a specific strategy developed, or assistance in a transformational business change?
Can a deeper engagement to define roadmaps, develop leaders, or align operations help grow your business? 

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