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Go Deeper With Customized Consulting

If you need actionable assistance in a specific aspect your business, we provide customized consulting engagements.  We'll collaborate  with you developing strategy, facilitating teams, sharing and training in our frameworks and models, creating roadmaps and plans, building operational capability, and guiding transformational change.

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craft & Align

We can help with strategy models and frameworks to structure the necessary questions to ask and how to think through alternatives on directions to take with your business, customers, products & services, business model, organizational design, teams and partners. Also critical is how to build alignment and commitment to put the strategy into action.  Areas we can help:

  • Craft strategies and build executive level presentations

  • Develop strategy-to-execution playbooks including goals and action plans

  • Develop business plans

  • Classes and processes on Holistic Strategy Development, Strategic Planning, and Strategy Playbooks.  

  • Market evaluation and competitive analysis

  • Processes for Impact based opportunity assessment, portfolio prioritization and decision making

  • Due diligence and assumption vetting

Defining and implementing business plans or solutions to complex problems often involve coordinating changes across multitple areas such as product or services offerings, team and operational processes, partners and ecosystem alignment. Integrating the roadmap technique into Business Plans goes beyond product feature mapping and is an excellent alignment tool to understand changes needed in multiple domains.  We can help in building a business plan geared to your stage and objectives and nesting strategy-to-execution roadmaps:


  • Create customized business plans based on your business stage, ranging from entry level to comprehensive standard business plans. 

  • Develop multi-faceted and interconnected roadmaps for business, products & services, differentiating ingredients, and ecosystem alliances.

  • Methodologies to define the  'map' framework, as wells as processes for alignment and decision making 

  • Identify externally facing 'validation' markers to test assumptions and check if solution paths are still on target to changing problems or needs

  • Processes and training to create nesting 'Capability Roadmaps'  

Wall of ideas

Business Plans
& Roadmaps

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Sometimes the most important part of problem solving is slowing down to assess all the dynamics at play and uncover implications to make sure you are defining and focusing on the right problem.  We can help to unpack the interconnected layers and structure multi-faceted problems related to processes, products, operations, teams or capabilities. Areas we can help:

  • Disciplined problem definition that peels back assumptions and symptoms to get to the foundational 'what' and 'so-what'  

  • Apply frameworks and data-based analysis to dissect connections and map root causes to get to the heart of 'why'

  • Sense-making and information synthesis to look for systemic patterns

  • Apply hypothesis and milestone based “Cycles of Learning” methods

  • Facilitate ideation and out-of-the box thinking to address root causes

Being able to pivot on a strategy, realign an organization, innovate or expand into new business areas all requires some form of change or transformation.  Transformation is all about people -- motivating and aligning them to see and take action to realize the new future. Once people understand the reason to change, the impact, what will be changing, and how they fit into the future, they will shift their momentum and bring others along. Areas we can help:

  • Planning and strategy for complex business transitions

  • Guide development of the case for change

  • Guide teams through a comprehensive organizational 'Leadership Model' to define and build alignment to a new direction

  • Engagement and accountability frameworks and other team alignment models

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GuidE  transformation AND change

Special Effects

Innovation Models

Innovation is crucial to stay relevant in our constantly changing world. Being innovative is doing something new that addresses a need or challenge and produces value. Whether innovation is applied at an individual level, a team level, or a company level it typically involves thinking differently, experimentation, and some type of methodology to move from idea to implementation.  We can help build innovation muscle and capability by: 

  • Training and workshops applying our unique 'Innovation Engine" model

  • Build strategies around the different types of innovation from low risk to high risk

  • Build a Lifecycle process for Innovation

  • Establish measurement frameworks and funding models to incubate innovation

The key is to create and run an operational rhythm that is optimized to execute the unique business mission and strategy. Improving operational effectiveness can take the form of either adding or streamlining processes, measurement methods, or structures.   Areas we can help:

  • Apply our Leadership Model to sync organizational design with mission, vision and strategy 

  • Drive goal clarity and accountability via Management by Objectives (OKR's)

  • Assess and improve process fit for cross-group collaboration and alignment, goal setting and prioritization, effective meetings, planning, product lifecycle, decision making, and culture building. 

  • Build operational cadence to run the business

  • Operationalize cross-functional strategic initiatives

  • Build portfolio management and program management capability

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